Industrial Automation Solution

Industrial Automation Solutions

The objective of our Automation is profitability for you through the seamless and efficient management of processes. We support clients on individual projects by assembling multi-disciplinary teams on an on-going basis. Our team is a master in various automation systems like Drives, SCADA, HMI, DCS, PLC, CNC, Robotics, etc.

We provide Engineering services for Mitsubishi and Autonics. Following are our major activities:

  • Complete MIS System configuration and Report package.
  • Document preparation for as-built Drawings, O&M Manuals, Printing & compiling etc.
  • Application Software Development of PLC, SCADA, DCS, etc.
  • Factory Acceptance Test & Validation.
  • Front end & Detailed Engineering design (Concepts & Detailing).
  • Designing of System Architecture & Process Flow Diagram.
  • Preparation of specification & BOM for procurement assistance.
  • Functional Schematics & Loop diagram preparation.
  • System Integration & Configuration work.
  • Installation & Commissioning Support.
  • Training & Consultancy Services.

Factory Automation Solutions

Our custom made Control Systems control your machinery and equipment in a way that will maximize the production output without compromising on the quality. Right from the conceptualizing to the commissioning phase, we keep in mind the accuracy that has to be achieved. Our control systems not just offer seamless inter-operation reliability but also are safe in the most sensitive environments of manufacturing plants. Microlog systems deliver reliable solutions that take away the worry from process and equipment control.

This is how we approach the systems control project:

  • Understanding the requirements during finalization of the project and agreeing on the framework and deliverables.
  • Finalizing the system architecture and project needs
  • Engineering the requirements & finalizing the Hardware needed for controls.
  • Procurement of hardware
  • Electro-Mechanical Controls:Procurement & Manufacturing of all that is needed.
  • Software development & Testing.
  • Integration and Installation of the various components of Controls and Machinery.
  • Thorough checking
  • Running the system live.
  • Briefing your team and Training them thoroughly
  • Complete Documentation of the project with all the detailing.

Our automation solutions offer a range of possibilities and are scalable for future requirements. Thus we make solutions that are adaptable to the dynamic and changing needs of automation. We are experts in the following segments pertaining to controls:

  • Line Controls

    Our team of professionals have a rich experience of working on multiple projects involving the production line, assembly line, cleaning or sterilizing and packaging lines. This rich experience in segments like Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Paints, etc. is employed in creating centralized control system for the total control and monitoring of all the lines in the manufacturing process. We employ either the PLC , HMI or SCADA solutions. These solutions offer control by automation and integrate the different systems on a single platform.

  • Automated Inspection Control

    Today’s competitive scenario demands perfection in products. Products are expected to be flawless in every manner. Thus, Inspection forms a vital part of product manufacturing and quality control. Inspection is needed at all the stages of the product manufacturing to make a flawless product. Our Automated Inspection systems overcome the limitations faced by the human inspection. Two major objectives are served by the automated inspection control:

    1. Bringing down the errors and faults in quality.

    2. Speeding up the process of inspection and thus increasing the output.

    Our varied inspection control systems include weighing solutions, Bar coding and Marking, Visual inspection, etc.

  • Machine Tool Controls

    It does not matter whether the machine or machine tool is employed in producing products or pieces that are millimeters in size or the size is in meters; we make the right control devices for that accurate final output. Even if the tools are manual or powered electrically, whether it is a simple lathe or it is complex machining centers; we deliver you the right machine tool control system which encompasses the capacity to produce effectively high accuracy elements in big quantities of any shape. We make customized CNC or PLC based solution. We excel in Motion Control & CNC Technology.

  • Transfer Control

    We offer Automation solutions for the machinery and equipments involved in the material handling process. This automation minimizes the loss of time and brings in efficiency and cost saving. Our focus is on finding ways to simplify and make safe the processes of Material Handling, Packaging and Storing. We find the optimum configuration of equipment and information technology and create an efficient material-handling system. Finally this adds up to your competitiveness as you save costs.

  • Special Purpose Machine Automation

    Special Purpose Machines or SPM are for high productivity or mass manufacturing purpose. Specially designed tooling and fixtures are employed in these machines. Microlog Systems are masters in providing automation for SPM’s. Whether it is controls, Instrumentation, Software, Pneumatic or Hydraulics, leave it to us and we will come out with the best solution for your requirements. The more complicated your requirement, the finer is our product output. This is because we become an integral part of your team discussing and absorbing everything in detail to give you the perfect output.

    Currently our focus is on the following areas:

  • Testing or Inspection Machines

    Quality of any product is ensured through the inspection and these machines have a vital role in the product life cycle. We develop and manufacture customized testing equipment as individual systems with a manual or automated assembly using various industrial controls and devices. We make the use of all cutting edge technologies to get the desired output from the machine. Please find below, the area of expertise:

    Vision based systems with corresponding image processing, Part recognition, Positioning, Color and surface examination, Damage checking, etc.

  • Functional & Performance Testing

    Electrical Test Bench: Voltage, Current, Power, Switching and Transmittance performance.

  • Electro Mechanical Manipulators

    For automation of the activities like material movement, cutting, pick & place, etc the electro mechanical manipulators are the best bet.They are not only efficient but offer phenomenal safety. They can address variety of requirements even in extreme weather conditions. These machines offer flexibility in dimensions, design, type and gripping system so that they can address diverse user requirements. especially in extreme environmental conditions. Like all of our other machines, these Electro Mechanical Manipulators are custom made as per your need, incorporating the use of Motion controller, Servo drives, PLCs, etc.

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Why Us?

Skilled Brainpower

Our team is a confluence of industry experts, whether it is engineers or sales and service personnel. They have a firsthand knowledge about various industries, owing to their work experience. The strong program and project management skills acquired over the years work to your advantage.

Customer First Approach

Our sales staff is tuned for customer delight. The Customer First Approach ensures a detailed analysis and understanding of customer’s requirements. The focus on customer delight never gets diverted through the project life cycle and beyond.

Quality Driven

Our Quality Management Systems are SOP driven. We never compromise on the quality and a stringent standard operating procedure is in place, which is derived from the best world class practices. This ensures that we maintain and deliver the same high quality every single time. Our systems are ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Innovative Approach

We approach with the optimum Automation solution that enhances the Productivity in manufacturing, is Cost efficient and makes the processes future ready


Our State of art the automation lab is equipped with Latest PLC, Motion controller, SCADA, Programming tools, Drives, HMI, control panel and Embedded Products setup to serve you optimally. Our optimally managed sales stock inventory gives customer prompt delivery.