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Our experience in designing, installing and operating robotic systems for automation is unparalled. We have provided robotic solutions to the automobile industry, which is so much dependent on accuracy and speed of these robotic machines. Our experience with automobiles and variety of other heavy industries has made us better and better with our robotic solutions. We have the capabilities of offering customized robotic solutions to any industry.

Our Robotic cell projects utilize Mitsubishi Robots for Handling, Bolting, Dispensing, Welding and other such applications.

Industrial Robots Applications

Material Handling

The manual activity of Material handling is now getting replaced with robotic machines. This material can range from picking and placing sheets of metal or a door of a car to a blood sample. Moreover now robotic solutions are being employed widely in Machine Tending. This activity of Machine Tending literally means keeping an eye or overseeing a machines activity. This also involves feeding the parts in and out of a process. The ultimate objective of employing these robotic solutions is to bring in accuracy, efficiency and reliability to the final product. This improves the production capacity, product quality and saves costs.

Pick & Place

You will see many industries employing people to pick a thing or material from one place or a belt and place it at another location. Such repetitive manual tasks can be replaced by using robots or employing Robotic automation. Not only does the speed improve, but the timing of producing any material reduces. The speeding up of manufacturing process thus helps enhance productivity. Moreover, these robots can be programmed for different activities and materials.

Palletizing & Packaging

In simple terms, industrial palletizing means loading and unloading parts or materials to and from the pallet. Another manual activity that can be efficiently performed using a robot or an automated machine. The biggest advantage with a robotic palletizer is that heavy loads can be easily handled and without a break. The large horizontal and vertical reach of robotic palletizer offers another big advantage over manual palletizing. There is also a possibility of adjusting the End-Of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT). This way, a robot can complete any packaging process.

Other Applications

Robots are for quality, consistency, productivity, minimal wastage and avoiding hazards for humans. Thus they are the best option to produce goods in the most economical manner. Industries are employing robots for the below listed activities:

  • Inspection & Vision
  • Deburring
  • Polishing
  • Dispensing
  • Assembly
  • Material Removal

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Why Us?

Skilled Brainpower

Our team is a confluence of industry experts, whether it is engineers or sales and service personnel. They have a firsthand knowledge about various industries, owing to their work experience. The strong program and project management skills acquired over the years work to your advantage.

Customer First Approach

Our sales staff is tuned for customer delight. The Customer First Approach ensures a detailed analysis and understanding of customer’s requirements. The focus on customer delight never gets diverted through the project life cycle and beyond.

Quality Driven

Our Quality Management Systems are SOP driven. We never compromise on the quality and a stringent standard operating procedure is in place, which is derived from the best world class practices. This ensures that we maintain and deliver the same high quality every single time. Our systems are ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Innovative Approach

We approach with the optimum Automation solution that enhances the Productivity in manufacturing, is Cost efficient and makes the processes future ready


Our State of art the automation lab is equipped with Latest PLC, Motion controller, SCADA, Programming tools, Drives, HMI, control panel and Embedded Products setup to serve you optimally. Our optimally managed sales stock inventory gives customer prompt delivery.